Providence placed Michael into my life to patiently explain the confusing world of insurance coverage. Along the years I needed changes; I can always count on him to guide me. More than an adviser he has become a reliable friend.

Edgar A. S-

Seeing what happened with my Mother and her long term care needs shocked me into reality. I became concerned about my future and wanted to prepare while still healthy enough to qualify for a plan and before getting any older. Mike is extremely knowledgeable about the...

Tonya B.

Thank you for guiding me through the process of getting protection that I don’t want to need to use, but feel a big sense of relief knowing I have it in place. My decision was simple once you showed me the appropriate solution.

Russ D.

Michael, you were beyond helpful showing us a way to get a good policy that makes sense for our budget. We feel much better knowing we can look towards retiring in a few years without looking over our shoulder worrying about how to handle health changes that require...

Ronnie S

Mike explained everything and there was no pressure. Once we decided Long Term Care Insurance was best for us he shopped all the companies and we selected the right policy with the best value.